Weston No. 22 Meat Grinder Review


The Weston 22 meat grinder is the last meat grinder you will ever need. It will grind just about anything you can stuff down the tube. It is made of stainless steel and it comes with all the accessories you need to make your sausages. If you process a lot of meat or personal use then you need to take a look at the 22 from Weston commercial line of grinders.

Features of Weston No. 22 Meat Grinder

The features of Weston 22 commercial meat grinder are

  • Design – it is compact commercial meat grinder that will double as a sausage stuffer.
  • Motor – it is a powerful motor that is permanently lubricated and air cooled.
  • Grinding plates – the grinding plates are being the size that best suit high volume and high speed grinding. They are made from quality stainless steel for durability.
  • Grinding tray – it is extra large and made from the stainless steel. It is also rectangular in shape for easy handling of large quantities of meat.
  • Materials – the grinding gears are all metal to ensure optimal grinding performance.
  • Storage – the compact design of the unit will facilitate the storage for ongoing use.
  • Handle – it makes it easier to carry and transport if required.

It is designed to grind between four to six pounds of meat per minute so the processing of large volume is easy. The motor is permanently lubricated for long-term performance and it is air cooled. The commercial grinder will come with an impressive array of attachments and made from quality materials. The Weston commercial grinder has a feeding tube with a wide opening and the meat tray also comes with a safety guard. You should never operate the grinder without the safety guard.

User Reviews

Talia – From a family that has butchered & processed 3 elk, two cows, and many, many deer & hogs over the years, we are sooooo pleased with this Weston #22 grinder. Wish we had bought it sooner. This machine will pay for itself with just one cow or five deer or two hogs. What used to take us one hour to grind now takes us five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!!!! The only problem…..keeping up with it!

Gary Sweet – This grinder is great! I bought it primarily to make food for my dog. I used it to grind four whole chickens, twenty wings, and two pounds of gizzards and hearts… it took less than five minutes! No strain or jamming. Easy to use and clean. I also use it to make ground beef and ground pork. I bought a 15″ x 30″ stainless steel equipment stand with locking casters to keep the grinder on so I would not have to lift it to move it around. This grinder is very heavy and solid. Kept clean and silicone spray lubricated it should last forever! I should have bought this years ago!

Buff C. Barr – Been working great since I got it, use it mostly to grind up whole chickens for my raw cat and dog food. Very powerful and fast.

Jan MacGregor – This is an AWESOME grinder!! I use it to grind my turkey thighs, chicken necks etc to make my raw cat food. My smaller Weston was a nightmare…. constantly clogging etc. This new larger grinder grinds everything with ease, and I don’t have to spend hours pre-cutting and trimming. It has saved me a good 10 hrs each time I make 30 lbs of food. Well worth the investment!! And it is quiet too!!

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