Recommended Humidifier for Allergies and Small Rooms


TaoTronics ultrasonic cool mist humidifier emits the water mist to purify air and improve the respiratory system and skin health. This ultrasonic sound is silent and it is perfect for home and office use. The filter is easily cleaned and it is low maintenance. This will adjust the classic control knob to work frequency and mist level with a simple twist.


The great features off TaoTronics ultrasonic humidifier are given.

  • You can rotate this nozzle blow mist in two directions at any angle.
  • It automatically shuts off when it detects the low water and indicator will turn
  • The water lasts for 4 to 5 nights on low.
  • You will have more control over the steam output and the filter will not have to be replaced.
  • The filter is that one is soft and absorbent and it is super stinky. The filter in this one is small balls that are not absorbent.
  • Cleaning is easy and the plastic is smooth so there is little film build up like there is in the other one with thicker plastic.

This is wonderful and expensive Taotronics humidifier ultrasonic cool mist unit provides a constant humidity mode switch with a wonderful built in a water purifier. It makes no noise and it has a LED night light with a turning nozzle. This humidifier is a cool mist only. You can set the mist modes to high and low to adjust the mist angle so it is perfect for your needs.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are quiet so you will not be awakened in the night while sleeping. This is perfect for your home, office, bedroom, and salons where you only want beneficial humidified air to breathe. It will help stuffy noses and dry coughs.

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User Reviews

Daisy – There are some pros and cons to this.. it puts out a lot of cool mist and lasts all night. That is exactly what I was looking for. One of the cons is that the bottom part of the humidifier (the white part) holds water even when it says there is no water left. So you have to unplug it and dump that water out. Not a big deal but I would assume if you didn’t the water would eventually go stagnant. It is quiet and has different settings to set it on. Overall it’s a good product. I think it was a little high priced for what you get, but it works well!

Nancy T – This has been working well. But I only use distilled water in this. So no unsightly white dust around the house. I also make sure I clean it once a week so no mold spores. But it runs nice and is not all that expensive on the electric bill.

Paul Song – I think this unit is okay, but it gets mold a little bit more than the other unit I have. Other than that, I am satisfied with it. It is quiet and reliable. It does not leak much. It is a good-value product.

Sergi Romano – A good product. Seems to be as much concerned about visible design as function. How would I improve it? Larger water storage and a better way of refilling. Right now, a refill requires flipping the reservoir 180 degrees to get a carry handle on the bottom. The plastic can be slippy, and I have almost dropped it on the way to filling it in the bathtub or kitchen sink. Yes, there is no way to fill it in a bathroom sink bowl.

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