Heel Pain Exercises for Morning Plantar Fasciitis

Avoid Plantar Fasciitis in the Morning

Plantar fasciitis is becoming a common problem with the people who are walking for long hours and wearing the regular shoes. In addition to this, people who are slightly overweighed and have the tendency to get up in the morning at once are more likely to suffer from this problem.

There are several other reasons plantar fasciitis can occur but you can certainly make some changes in your routine life to lower down the frequency of pain and occur this problem. It is also noticed able fact that in some cases you might need to seek the professional advice to overcome form this disease.

Potential reasons

Some experts relate this problem with the walking habits and wearing the shoes or sandal habits. At present, there are lots of companies which are also promoting their products which can be an effective solution to this problem. But you can also make certain changes in your present lifestyle. For this, you should start with the early morning habits. There are some particular things that you can do in your bed which can give you positive results and you will be able to overcome the problem of plantar fasciitis.

Need of morning exercise

Now you must be wondering that why this exercise needs to be done every morning before you are getting out of the bed. It is so because most of the people feel utter pain right in the morning before starting their routine. There is one strong reason why this occurs The muscles of plantar fasciitis get stiff in the night during the sleeping hours. So in case you are making haste in the morning and avoiding this exercise, you may suffer from utter pain. On the other hand, just doing the basic stretching or massaging you can lower down the risk of suffering from the utter pain.

Effective Ways

The other best thing about this exercise is that you don’t have to go through hard work out and it is very simple to do this exercise. You can start with the stretching of your foot. You must make it flexing up and down. Repeat this exercise for at least ten times to get the best results. Make sure that you are doing right before getting off from the bed. For more details about stretching, see the instructions on PlantarFasciitisSupport.net.

Stay fit for simple exercise

The next thing that is highly recommended for the effective treatment is toe stretching. For this, you can simply sit on the chair and spread your affected leg to make sure that your heel is touching the floor. Now you can begin pulling your big toe with your hand. Do this to make the toe up and down. For this, you will have to pull towards the ankle and on the reverse side of the floor. Make sure that you are releasing it to the normal condition just after the fifteen to thirty seconds. It is better to repeat this exercise for at least two to four times in a day. These exercises may sound very simple and easy but there are very good results. So make a schedule to implement them from today onwards.